Saturday, February 26, 2011

Lindsay Lohan Hairstyles 
Here are some tips and pictures of Lindsay Lohan. Be sure to check out her hairstyles when deciding on getting your hair highlighted or a new haircut. Lindsay Lohan is a famous teen celebrity star and I am sure that everone adores her look and stylish hairstyles. 

Lindsay Lohan hairstyles range from sleek to voluptuous. She generally keeps things casual and loose, but maintains a seductive flair with simple styling..square, Heart and Oblong shapes usually tend to have “high foreheads”. These require a part close to the center that allows hair to fall along the temples and covers up the majority of the forehead. Though the best remedy for this situation are bangs, or as they call them abroad, fringe. Bangs cover or break up areas that we would prefer to disguise.